Will the iPhone 8 be a tipping point for wireless charging?

The next iPhone is rumoured to introduce wireless charging CREDIT: 

We believe in a wireless future,” Sir Jonathan Ive’s voice rang out over the slickly-produced video.

Apple’s design chief, speaking last September, was announcing the company’s new Bluetooth-powered headphones, designed to work with an updated iPhone that had lost its physical audio-port.

While Apple’s decision to drop the iPhone’s headphone jack drew controversy at the time, eagle-eyed followers believe it may have been the first hint of things to come.

Next month, when Apple unveils its latest hamper of new gadgets in California, another wire may be cut. At least one of the company’s iPhones is expected to feature technology that allows it to be charged without being plugged in, simply by placing it on a powered surface.

Wireless charging will hardly be a technical breakthrough for Apple. Phones from rivals including Samsung have featured it since 2017, as has Apple’s own smartwatch. Gadgets…

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