Tri Fidget Spinner Stress and Anxiety Reducer – EDC Office, Super Fast Long Spins – Premium R188 Center Bearing, Quiet and Durable

  • YOUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING IS OUR PRIORITY: At Phoenix Spinners, we recognize that ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety and other neurological disorders are on the rise, causing distress for many individuals. Therefore, we created a high quality and unique fidget spinner to help people like you or your loved ones to improve their day to day lives and overcome these issues
  • FIDGET TO COMBAT BAD HABITS AND STAY FOCUSED: Our fidget toys help thousands of children and adults with ADHD or other disorders to achieve their intellectual goals by helping them focus. Our perfectly balanced EDC spinners provide longer spin time so you can focus on the task at hand for an extended period, while fidgeting with your favorite spinner
  • WE BELIEVE YOU DESERVE THE BEST: 2-4 MIN SPIN TIME: High quality materials featuring injection molded ABS plastic frame makes our spinner sleek and unbreakable. Our high performance and specially designed R188 center bearing delivers fast spins and makes for a real STRESS RELIEVER. We stand by our products with a REPLACEMENT OR REFUND GUARANTEE
  • POSITIVE RESULTS BACKED BY NEUROPSYCHOLOGY & SCIENCE: Despite their seemingly simplistic concept, fidget toys are backed by science! By providing your brain with additional sensory information, you redirect your mental resources to the important tasks. That way, our spinners help you ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS while being a TRUE STRESS REDUCER
  • NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: Not just the continuous, incredibly fast spins of the spinner fidget will calm you down! Knowing that you can count on the Phoenix Fidgets team will have the same effect! With the 5-year warranty and the no stress, no cost added and no question asked policy we offer, you can be sure that this fidget spinner toy will do its job!

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