The Expensive Lamborghini Alpha One – A Phone worth trying?

Lamborghini, the manufacturers luxury super cars are going to launch a smartphone. Just like KFC released a smartphone many companies are following the same trend. Getting a custom phone designed and selling it will help in branding kinda thing but, Lamborghini surprised everyone with its first smartphone – Alpha One!


Lamborghini’s Alpha One has got two variations (according to some resources) and their prices start from 2450$ or Rs. 2,60,000. Does that money worth this phone?

Well, we’re gonna review its specs and later it’s up to you whether you get your hands on that luxury gadget or not! 😉

A Brief Review

The Alpha One comes up with a simple design that doesn’t seem to be a fancy one. You’ll get a leather case that looks luxurious. Specs are as under:

It has got a Quad Core processor, with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage that is expandable up to 128GB (via micro SD card). The device comes up with a 20MP primary and a 5MP secondary camera. 😉

Living in Asia, we didn’t get access to the phones that are launched globally. We get them after several weeks, but after researching about the device, here’s what we can say: 😉

The device has got outdated specs. Nobody with personal or business needs should ever buy that phone. If you’ve got financial freedom and love to add luxurious stuff in your life, it’s a good option. The device was a disappointment for many technology lovers. Seems like the company built the phone some years ago and forgot to launch. Now, they launched the phone and forgot the measure the real price, that should be there! 😀

At the end, if you’re a DIE HARD fan of Lamborghini, you should add that luxurious phone in your cart now! 😉

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