Samsung Galaxy Note 8; less then one month away

Are you waiting for the new Galaxy Note 8 Release date? If you are in wait to purchase this amazing phone so we are here to tell you what we have got.

Recently galaxy Note 8 is famous in the gossips of people Company have done some major changes in it so buyer can grab this phone as soon as possible.

The release date for this phone is less than a month but it is still confusing about its shape, will be screen is bigger than S8? I am really excited to grab this phone as well.


There is lots of questions about this phone, we are very much familiar with Note 8 and there are lots of awesome android smart phones are available in the market and one of them is S8+.

Samsung is planning a smart phone with the biggest screen ever, with the powerful camera on back experienced with Iphone 7+ and LG G6. This is the two important features that users must be like and want this phone. The most important part of the Galaxy S8 which attracts the users is its display. Users are used to having a huge screen and this year it is bigger than ever in the history.

But the problem is that galaxy S8+ is available right know and has 6.2 inch Quad-HD infinity display too now it is the chance the screen of will come in 6.4 inch display.

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